Nexgen Lending Services

We aim to provide you with the level of service that you can count on and deserve. We are here to listen to what is important to you and to provide you with the right loan for your needs, and to make the process as simple and transparent as possible.

We offer a complete range of financing options including: home loans, investment property, refinancing, car loans and commercial property.


First Home Buyer or Upgrading

Complicated, frustrating and daunting are three words usually associated with purchasing a home, and that’s coming from people who have done it before. We alleviate the stress and show you all your options to ensure you have the right structure for your lending needs. Let us review your situation and analyse what exactly you’re after and need to purchase your new home or upgrade. We’ll discuss available Government Grants and Concessions.

investment property

Purchasing an Investment Property

We put you in an informed position to make an informed decision. A financial strategy is key to any investment portfolio’s success. Building wealth through property has been a popular strategy for millions of Australians; the outcome is either successful, or it can be a costly exercise. Let us show you how to purchase your first or fifth investment property. Then, we will show you how to appropriately structure your finance(s) to reduce your holding costs, allowing you to reinvest or reduce debt with the savings.

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Are you looking to build a new home? Construction loans allow you to draw down the loan at various stages of the build (known as Progress Payments). So it’s essential you know what to expect at each stage, which is why we’re with you every step of the way during your build, right up to completion.



With a home loan, it’s easy to just ‘set and forget’. A regular check of your loan every two to three years or so could be a smart first option to assist in reducing costs. We’re living in a world of rapid change, where interest rates can go up and down, new lenders emerge, and more competitive products become available. You may want to access the equity in your home to renovate. Keeping the same home loan for 30 years could cost you more money than you need.

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Buying a Car

There is nothing like getting a new car or upgrading, that new car smell! We have helped hundreds of clients get the right solution for their finance needs. Whether your car is for business or pleasure, we will provide you with the most competitive finance to secure your next purchase. We have a wide range of solutions and low rates for you.
A secured loan, sometimes called a consumer or car loan, is mainly for personal use but can also be tax deductible if it is for business use. The finance company lends you funds to purchase your vehicle and secures the loan against the car.


Personal Loan

Do you need a holiday, tired of saving for your dream wedding, wanting a new car or simply consolidating debt? We are here to help you get a competitive loan.


Investing in Property through Super

An ever-increasing investment strategy using your superannuation allows you to purchase commercial and residential investment properties. Using borrowings in super to fund your purchase can be a complex strategy, and we recommend seeking advice from a Financial Adviser or Accountant first.


Commercial Lending

We have a range of Commercial Lenders that can provide you with options to secure a commercial loan. These loans can fund a commercial property purchase, buy new equipment, increase your working capital, or fund other business activities. We can assist in helping you and your business grow.


Asset Finance – Chattel Mortgage and Commercial Lease

If you use your vehicle for more than 50%, a Lease or a Chattel Mortgage may be an option. We have access to market leading lenders. We’ll discuss the right loan type that suits you and your business. Differing items such as residuals, balloons, deposits, and different terms can impact your repayment and interest rate. We take the time to ensure that all of these get you the most competitive repayment.

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Novated Leasing

Salary packaging and Novated Leasing go hand in hand. A Novated Lease (fully maintained) allows the employer to deduct a portion of the entire vehicle expenses from the employee’s Pre-Tax income. Paying for a vehicle this way reduces your taxable income and consequently decreases the amount of tax you pay. As a result, savings can be achieved by acquiring and operating a vehicle using pre-tax income.